Our Local Heroes

Like in a vineyard where plants grow stronger together, displaying a sense of place and unity, our local heroes embrace community values by sharing hope and love with each other


THRIVECRU is the result of hard work and strong commitment of an amazing group of volunteers, who work countless hours on behalf of our ministry cause. There are 71 big souls and hearts breathing and sharing the love of Jesus with everyone who comes to our community hub.

We interact as a Christian community group that thrives together, as a big family that provides comfort and togetherness to anyone who comes over to our centre. We share stories and build memories together.

Local Heroes

'This cause is close to our hearts and we love being part of ThriveCru`s Family'. 

On a weekly basis, they are committed to multiple organisational activities and procedures; sometimes being extremely flexible with workloads and times. We are proud of calling them all – Our Local Heroes, our stars! 

Follow our news and media to learn more about our volunteers` personal motives and stories.

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Liana Swanepoel


John van Rooyen

Chief Optimism Officer

Beth Manefield

ThriveCru Wellness

Belinda Beukes

ThriveCru Pastoral Care

Amanda Laubscher

ThriveCru Outreach

Michelle English

ThriveCru Business Manager

Rozelle Malan

Compost Fairy