Our Story

Front row seats in a miracle

Get inspired by how Northgate and its local Christian community group helped Liana to set up and run the charity that ThriveCru is today.

NSW Volunteering

Our story goes back to 2018 when we started distributing free food and goods to needy communities in Sydney, Australia. After Liana Swanepoel, our Founder and Program Director, heard about the financial distress of some of our local families. She came to know a local food rescuer, and saw the opportunity of using food that was going to waste to reach those in need. The positive efforts brought together good resources and intentions along with the rising number of people reaching out for support. The back of her car and her home garage were back then distinctive icons within the Northern Beaches community, but they were not the most sustainable and efficient way to address vulnerable people`s needs.

The Pantry was born in collaboration with Northgate Ministries and six committed volunteers, who are still working arm in arm to have the pantry up and running.

We have grown in numbers and social impact, which make us all extremely grateful for the amazing community connections, corporate alliances and partnerships we have developed over time.

We are fighting for a common initiative, nourish the hungry, nurture people in need, and care for nature.

“Let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up”.