Creating tomorrow`s future together

Nourish the Hungry

Northern Beaches and surroundings

THRIVECRU, also known as Northgate Food Pantry, provides food relief service to vulnerable clients within the Northern Beaches, Hornsby, and Kuring-gai Shire areas.

Our team of volunteers works daily, from 9 am to 12:30 pm at our Community Hub. We nourish the hungry and families in need, including people with disabilities, the elderly, low-income earners, people with a chronic illness, and single parents.

We do not have any requirements/restrictions on who can access our fresh food hampers other than being contacted by the person in need, but we do make sure the most vulnerable receive food relief first.

We are delighted by how this initiative is changing lives; Follow our numbers,

Community Outreach
Mouths fed on weekly basis
Food Rescue
Kilograms of quality food rescue annually
Units provided annually to vulnerable people

Working countless hours to support anyone in need.

Nurture people

Healing services and community programs

At ThriveCru, our motto goes beyond emergency relief services.

We believe in sharing the love of Jesus, experiencing Christian values, and building a community that thrives together. Therefore, we offer a safe environment for anyone in the community to relax, chat, receive prayer, or personal support.

We aim to provide a space where everyone, without distinction or discrimination, can nurture their body, soul, and mind.


Giving a friendly hand to someone in need today means an extra hand for anyone else in the near future.

Animal-assisted therapy
Interact with nature, either by observing, feeding and petting our animals and enjoy their therapeutic effects.
English/Spanish Conversational classes
Our social initiatives enhance the neighborhood`s values and talents, including taking advantage of our multicultural community. Proudly learning to exchange our mother tongues. (Fridays & Saturdays)
Hairdressing Services
In-house hairdresser offering haircuts, manicure and other beauty treatments

Home Visits
Volunteers, who are always going the extra mile to visit needy people in homes, hospitals, and retirement villages.
Open space to thrive together
There is nothing as exciting as meeting our neighbours; embracing ThriveCru values over a cup of tea or coffee.
Pastoral Care
Our friendly team of chaplains and pastors available to nurture our community needs. All interactions are held in the most respectful and confidential manner, respecting everyone`s privacy.

Taking care of nature

Zero-waste Initiative

The Northgate Food Pantry and all of its food rescue initiatives, aim to reduce food waste. Our zero-waste approach starts by collecting surpluses of good quality food from supermarkets, bakeries, butcheries, and restaurants on the Northern Beaches and surrounding areas. This rescued food is given to people in need through our Food Pantry and its fresh food hampers. Additional products are made into jams, soups and juices ensuring they are also rescued from waste and enjoyed by the community. Organic compost bags are produced in the process and available for the community.


Compost Bags
Jam Bottles
Juices (Fruit Kg)