Nourishing the hungry

Our team of volunteers work daily at our Community Hub to nourish the hungry.

On an average week, we:
• receive about 800 kg of donated foodstuffs, and
• prepare up to 250 free food hampers.

Nurturing people in need

We nurture anyone in need through our friendly team of chaplains, counsellors and pastors.

We offer a safe environment to relax, chat, receive prayer, practical items and personal support.

Our volunteers also spend time visiting needy people in homes, hospitals and retirement villages.

Taking care of nature

We take care of the environment by reducing food waste from supermarkets, bakeries, butcheries and restaurants.

Our team has a zero-waste approach to ensure that rescued food is processed into jams, soups and juices.

In the process we produce organic compost to be used in community gardens. The compost may be collected from the Hub.